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Zanzibar Cloves

We currently have in stock Organic Cloves from Spice Island of Zanzibar.

Certified Organic by TanCert organization.
Big flavorful buds of highest quality.
Organically grown in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Cloves

Zanzibar Coffee

Clove Type: Organic Cloves
Price: $6.49
Weight: 50 grams
Brand: 500 Organic Cloves from Spice Island of Zanzibar 100% Organic, Free of Pesticides & Insecticides! 50 grams weight. (1.8oz) Shipped Same or Next Business Day with Complete Tracking! Selected Uses: As an ingredient/spice in culinary treats. Used in Tea, Masala Chai! Excellently used for medicine and known for its herbal properties. Temporary Tooth ache relief* Relieve upper respiratory infections* Reduce inflamation* Improve digestion*